Measuring practices at Alsódöd

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There is no engineer training without practical subjects. The more days long measuring practices are useful and enjoyable. Our report shows how does a measuring practice look like.

For a usual person Alsógöd or Göd means a sweet small town to north from Budapest, next to the main road Nr. 2., on the left coast of the Danube, at about 20 kilometers from the capital city in the direction of Vác…

Report of András Homolya

But if we ask an upper-year BME student or a civil engineer graduated at Budapest University of Technologies, what comes to his or her mind after hearing Alsógöd, it’s sure that it will be the measuring camp. Because here is the Endre Németh Measuring Camp of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

There is no engineer training without practical subjects. The more days long measuring practices are useful and enjoyable.

But what does this measuring practice mean? Engineer training needs practical subjects and the more days long measuring camp is the useful and special form of it.

There are many measuring practices at Alsógöd: students learn geoinformatics there is a basic structures and GIS; infrastructure civil engineer students hydraulic measuring; and the longest is an obligatory measuring camp for all civil engineer students: the 9 days long geodesy measuring practice.








Students try many instruments during the practices.

The almost 2 ha area is covered with green grass, flower gardens and huge trees and it’s right at the bank of the Danube. Here is the boathouse renewed and reconstructed recently. There is a boat goes to Szentendre Island right from the measuring camp. Students usually sleep at the 2-3 bedded rooms of the module building.

The Geodesy practice goes according to a schedule with half-day thematic units. Students can practice those measurements which they learnt during the two semesters of Geodesy. Most of the measurement tasks are at the camp, and some of them is a grass covered field nearby.














At the measuring camp after the hard workdays there is a chance to party at night.

The practice lasts from the morning until noon, and from the early afternoon until the evening, but of course students have freetime and opportunities to spend it meaningful. This is a great chance to start friendships. There is a restaurant next to the camp and there are many cooking opportunities within the camp. The cozy summerhouse is a great place for parties and the students accommodation has kitchen too. And for the summer nights there is a place for camp fire, where students can make some kind of barbecue. The view is fantastic, there are tennis fields with lights, big a small football fields and table tennis tables too.








The camp is right next to the Danube so the river sometimes come by to the boathouse. The flooding table on the wall of the boat house commemorates its last visit.

Flooding table 2013.

Photos: Homolya András, Kenéz Ágnes és dr. Varga József