Organizing exams in the 2019/20/2 semester - special rules

Organization of postponed exams:


The exam period in the current semester is from 2 to 29 June. In the two weeks after the examination period, until July 13, an additional - postponed - examination may be organized by the particular department at the request of the student (e.g. if you're unable to sit your exam due to the changed circumstances).

The Surveying field course (BMEEOAFAT43) is organized in a distance learning form from 6 to10 July (expect some additional preparation work). For those who attend the field course and postponed exam is needed and the particular department is unable to organize it prior to the field course, an additional extension will be provided for the exam.

Students requesting postponed exams have to notify the subject lecturer or the instructor of their request for a deferred examination by 12:00 on 26 June 2020 at the latest. The department will announce the deferred exam until June 29th at the latest.