Scholarship for the SZETV* winners

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Interview with the first winners of the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering promotion for high school students.

„Being a civil engineer – it outlined for me from the middle of my highschool years.” – remembered Dániel Dénes. The freshman of the Faculty finished highschool in Győr, at Hild József Construction Secondary School, where the appearance of the professional subjects made his vocation definitive. „I really came to like statics.” – he explains. He had two arguments in favor of the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering: it has the best training, and he liked Budapest – these are the details of university choosing.

Dániel’s first experiences at BME are also positives. „It’s not easy, but you can get used to it. The amount of curriculum is much more compared with highschool.” – he says.

The students says sometimes it is an advantage, that he came from a professional highschool, but occasionally it’s a handicap. „Statics is clearly easier for me, because this is not the first time we met, but a grammar school student has better math knowledge. I think, special highschool can be good, but you have to pay attention yourself for reaching the appropriate level in every important subject.” – he emphasizes.

For the question that why does he recommend being a civil engineer for someone who is before the career choice, Daniel highlights the sectors, from which „everyone can choose the most fitting for her- or himself.”

„I thought very much about choosing the Faculty of Civil Engineering or the Faculty of Architecture. It was pretty sure that I would like to continue my studies at BME, and I want to deal with building industry, that is why I chose construction secondary school. Before the entrance exams I marked both, but finally I have chosen being a civil engineer.” – says Tamás Agárdi.

The student found „very hard” the first semester at university, „maybe the reason for that is the big difference between highschool and university” – he explains. Tamás says that highschool knowledge gives a great basis, „makes easier the learning of some subjects.”

„Here, at university I get general knowledge in connection with building industry, and I am pretty sure that I can utilize that later.” says the to-be civil engineer, who recommends choosing BME Faculty of Civil Engineering for every highschool student who is interested in building industry.

BME Faculty of Civil Engineering gives a scholarship for 2 students, who are in the first 10 rated of Professional Preparatory Graduation Subjects Competition, if they continue their studies at the Faculty from the September of 2016. The Architecture and building elements subject’s semifinal is at the own school of each student, the finals are going to be organized in Szolnok on the 11st and 12nd of April. The scholarship is 5*10 000 Ft – which will be paid during the first semester.


*SZETV means Professional Preparatory Graduation Subjects Competition

Photo: Ildikó Takács