Students succeeded at vocational competition won scholarship

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This is the second year when the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering announced scholarship for to-be students of the faculty.

The point of the scholarship program is those students, who finish the Pre-vocational Graduation Subjects Competition between the 1st and the 10th place, and start their university studies at the Faculty. They can won 5*10.000 HUF offered by the Faculty.

The Faculty gives the scholarship to two students. This year more than two to-be civil engineer students end up in the first ten, so the ranking decided.

The two winners are Vivien Fehérvári and Gergely Pakucs.

Vivien won the fourth and Gergely the second place. Both of them graduated at Hild József Construction Vocational School in Győr, where they have met construction industry subjects.

„Regarding certain subjects, it is an advantage that we already know some basics, but on the other hand, we did not have more maths than the medium level obligatory secondary school mathematics, this is the disadvantage part. Here the speed is quite fast, so we had to catch up.” – says Gergely about the first university experiences. They tried the Vocational Competition because of the plus points at the entrance exam system, but after the success in the competition they welcomed the scholarship. „After secondary school university seems to be a bit hard, especially maths, but I like it.” – says Vivien about the beginnings.

They already have plans with the money they get: „I put it aside.” –says Vivien. „To be honest, life in Budapest is quite expensive, so I think I will spend it everyday expenses.” – says Gergely.

They both came from another city: Vivien lives in dorm, Gergely rents a room. They are still acclimatizing in the city, Vivien loves capital life, Gergely misses the calmness he got used to: „I find Budapest quite noisy, it’s too teeming after my hometown. I love travelling, but it takes a lot of time, because the distances are bigger here.”

They both plans to get a degree and work as a structural engineer. We wish them both a great success for their university years and later also!