Analysis of riverine habitats in fluctuating environment

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Enviroment-centered engineering approach must be a basis for sustainability. The discipline of ecohydraulics, which has been recently developing thanks to biologists and hydraulic engineers sharing their knowledge with one another, fits into this concept.
Riverine habitats are determined jointly by hydro-morphologic and water quality parameters. The flow of water causes a fluctuating environment even on default, however this can be amplified by natural phenomena (confluence), as well as anthropogenic impacts (heat discharge). The exposure and representation of such complex systems is an important task even for engineers alone, although considering these data in an ecohydraulical aspect is just as much essential. The outcomes here are fundamental for nature conservation and decision support.
The research is centred around Danubian fish species. We analyse data from earlier field works, supported by hydrodynamical modelling, if necessary. Our aim is to describe relations between hydro-morphologic, water quality parameters and the fish species composition at so characterised habitats.



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