MSc in Construction Information Technology Engineering

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Successful launch of the MSc in Construction Information Technology Engineering program


The first semester of the MSc programme, which was established and launched as a result of many years of work, has been completed. In the fall semester of 2022, 8 Hungarian and 10 foreign students, the majority of whom have a BSc degree in civil engineering and architecture, started their studies. Those with a non-construction industry background were able to study finite element modelling and building design in addition to the core subjects (e.g. BIM, numerical methods), while the others studied programming (Python) and database systems in an increased number of hours. They all had a common project task, where they used microcontrollers to build sensor networks for smart home operation, learned to survey a building with a tablet, and to process point clouds of moving objects. Within the BIM course, in addition to BIM basics, special emphasis was placed on sustainability (building energy, life cycle analysis) and BIM applications: students learned how a concrete printer works and visited construction sites in a VR environment.

In the 2nd semester, students can look forward to exciting courses, with the BTC week (BME Balatonfüred Knowledge Centre) in Balatonfüred as a central program. At the end of April, the students and professors will move to Balatonfüred for a week, with sensors built in the fall semester being installed on the BTC building, where they will collect data for days and process it on site. The week-long stay in such a state-of-the-art building will also be used to study the building's solar panel system, cooling and heating systems, security equipment, building management systems, etc., as part of their HVAC Basics and Electrical Systems in Buildings.

The teaching of programming will also continue, now with a project approach and more practical, supported by the BME Ipar4.0 Centre.

An exciting, practical training, meeting real industrial needs, where Hungarian and foreign students can learn together (in English). A really good team has been formed, and its members enjoy spending their free time together.

The next class will start in fall 2023, we are looking forward to welcoming all interested applicants, for more information please contact the coordinator of the training, Tamás Lovas (