Mixed experiences at the 42nd BME Job Fair

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The civil engineers has many job offers at the BME Job Fair, nonetheless most of them do not show up – according to the general experience of the exhibitor companies. But they would have a reason to go there.

--Most of the exhibitors, who search for civil engineers said that usually the really young students, freshmen visit their stands, but most of the exhibitors do not have real opportunities for them, they are looking for school-leavers and graduated engineers. 











This is the experience of Éva Diána Budai, the financial and HR manager of Laterex Építő Ltd. They are waiting for undergraduate students with an intern program and have several job offers for graduated civil engineers.

The CRH Magyarország Ltd. is a first time exhibitor, and they do not report too many visitors, but their experience is more positive, because they did not meet only the very young students, but had other interested students and engineers too. They are preparing for the job fair of University of Miskolc, and they summarize the experiences of searching for colleagues at a job fair after that.

Szilvia Máthé, the HR project coordinator of the biggest exhibitor from the construction industry, the Market Építő Ltd. was satisfied with the number of the candidates, but she also said that there were many freshmen. But they do not reject them, they also have opportunities for youngsters. Szilvia Máthé has some advices for those, who are looking for a job at the fair: they should go there well-prepared, as if they go to a job interview, and be serious enough. They should dare to ask, and do not afraid of telling which field they are interested in – first, this means that they are in the swim, and over that, the company’s purpose is finding a motivated candidate to a job. And the HR staff used to remember those, who the met in these situations, and a good impression can bring an advantage later.

Three sophomore civil engineer student had bad experiences last year, because they did not find anything for young to-be civil engineers, but it seems that for this year it changed. Now for the to-be and the experienced civil engineers also worth to look around, and of course orientate previously, that what kind of jobs are offered by which companies.