Spring semester MCc program at the Civil Engineering Faculty

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For the first time, the Civil Engineering Faculty announces Master’s degree programs in all of its registered specializations. Information on the application and admission process can be found on felvi.hu and epito.bme.hu/msc-felveteli websites. Please note the following important dates in this year’s spring admission:

Deadline for application: 15th November 2017

Written entrance exam: 15th December 2017

The dates of the final exams are in the first week of January to ensure that the diplomas are issued before the deadline for the upload of diplomas. For this end, it is mandatory:

  • to strictly meet  the deadline for submitting your thesis in order that reviewers can evaluate it before the final exam and you also have time to prepare for the reviewers’ questions
  • to take the exams of all your impending courses before the date of the final exam (there will be a number of exam dates for this purpose)

The Faculty decided to start Master’s degree programs in the spring semester to make it possible for students to enter the Msc training without missing a semester, for example those who take their final exam in January or those who got their Bsc diplomas earlier. The new Msc curriculum, which is available from the fall semester of 2017, is structured without strict prerequisites so the training can be started with either the first or the second semester courses of the curriculum. Two basic courses, Methods of Engineering Analysis and Numerical Methods are announced in both semesters.