The BME Faculty of Civil Engineering was built in the Educatio 2016 Fair

Spinning around at the BME-ÉMK booth, a great many stopping listener at the presentation of the Civil Engineering Faculty’s Vice Dean – so the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering had a triumph at Educatio 2016 Fair.

The vivified BuildingBlocks (the mascots of the Faculty), who you can meet at the Instagram page of the Faculty also helped in informing the highschool students, but the lion’s share of answering any kind of questions was performed by helpful university students.



[Photos: Képítő Fotókör, Gosztola Ágnes]

Dr. Attila Joó, Vice Dean of Finance and Administration at the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering performed an interesting and informing presentation, which showed why it is worth it to choose BME-ÉMK:

  • This is the biggest of the six place where you can learn civil engineering, and half of the civil engineering students learn here, where you can choose all of the qualification facilities.
  • In overall ranking of technical universities and colleges it’s in the 4th place, in civil engineering studies it’s in the 1st place.
  • According to HVG (Hungarian Economics weekly) Diploma special issue: the faculties overall ranking its place is 27th of 131, and 4th place within BME.
  • Preliminary credits in 2015: BME-ÉMK: 320 scores (BME average: 382 scores, DE, EJF, PTE, SZE, SZIE: 280 scores.

[Part of the presentation.]

There was a short discuss about the English language training possibilities (Major of Buildings’ full training is reachable in English too), the job opportunities after degree and the new parts of being a civil engineer opened by the technical development.


[Photos: Képítő Fotókör, Gosztola Ágnes]

The conclusion is clear: those highschool students, who are good at technical subjects and interested in the built environment or the harmonic fusion of civilization and nature, BME-ÉMK is the best choice.

The application deadline is: 15th February 2016, and the best place is: BME-ÉMK.