Matlab is available

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Some software of Mathworks, for example Matlab® and Simulink® are available for all  BME students and faculty member from March 2017. 

The Matlab („matrix laboratory”) is a special program system, which is developed for evaluate numeric calculations, and it has its own user-friendly programming language. Matlab is capable of matrix calculations, data and function visualization, algorithm implementation and simple user interface composition. The software includes useful toolboxes; more than 50 is available by the BME’s user licence.
The BME licence is available for every teacher, researcher and student, who have an email address with the ending „” or „”, and also available at the work stations at BME computer labs. Information regarding installation and activation are accessible at page (site is accessible only in the university network). The software can be downloaded to two computers per person, so users can work with it at home or anywhere in the world.
There are some interesting additional additions, for example the Cody, which is useful for learning programming on Matlab, or Matlab Online, which allows running our favourite programs online in a web browser. Matlab AppDesigner helps in generating graphic user interface (GUI) in a simple and clear way. If we are ready with these, the Live Editor module helps in editing our codes (e.g. in LaTeX environment); therefore documentations can be generated in an automated way.

For those, who are just have first experiences with Matlab, there are many useful information, examples are prepared, tutorial videos and forum is also available at Matlab Academy, and the experts of Mathworks answer the users’ questions.
Matlab supports learning, doing research, working and solving homework and lesson examples creatively and originally; Matlab knowledge is valuable and useful for everyone.