New scientific journal to support student research activity at the Faculty

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TDK (Scientific Students Association) Extracts is a new issue published by the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which aims to give successful students of the university TDK and OTDK (National Scientific Students Association) conferences a chance to publish their first scientific paper in a journal with international indexing.

The journal does not include full TDK papers and summaries (which can be found here), instead the authoring students adapted their work into short and citable scientific articles.

Dr. Bence Takács, the TDK commissioner of the Faculty and the editor of the journal, writes in the introduction: “It is amazing how our students apply voluntarily for TDK work each year, even besides the plenty of lessons and other commitments they have. It is also amazing how convincingly they present the scientific results of their research, despite their young age. We hope that their academic life, started as a student proceeds, which we aim to support by publishing this journal, and we wish them every success for an academic future.”

  • The following articles were published in the 2016 issue of the TDK Extracts:
  • Vivien Potó: Laserscanning in mapping for self-driving vehicles
  • Eszter Dóra Nagy: Examination of runoff signatures to estimate runoff in ungauged basins
  • Gabriella Csortos: Investigation of railway track components for the effects of noise and vibration in operating conditions and laboratory
  • Tamás Agárdi, Ágnes Cebula: Stone damage mapping at the Citadella Fortress, Budapest
  • Gáspár Balczó, Dániel Csanády: Thermal insulation board from biodegradable materials
  • Fruzsina Csillag, Gábor Németh: Aircraft impact analysis of ISFS facility in Paks
  • Ágnes Kenéz: Investigation of flow around steel lattice tower

Not every addressed author adapted their paper into an article, but students whose work got published in the journal were very enthusiastic and handed in publications of a high standard. The first issue of the journal has a limited number of copies, but it was not the aim to reach everyone, because all the important information is available on the TDK website of the Faculty. According to the plans, this would be the first issue of a series, as the Faculty would like to offer the same opportunity for successful TDK students to publish their work.

The journal was edited by Dr. Bence Takács, also involving vice-dean Dr. Tamás Krámer and Flóra Kónya-Tóth.

The front and back cover of the journal:

The publication was supported by the Ministry of Human Resources Fund Manager as part of the NTP-HHTDK-16-0085 tender project.