Onramp for first-year students

Welcome to our students who are just starting their studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BME.

With this summary, we would like to help you get started.

Here you will find information on the following topics:

Information about education

Neptun system

This is the system used at the university for academic affairs, where you can register for courses, check your personal timetable, register for exams... Along with the admission notification, each student received a unique 6 character long ID, the Neptun code and an initial password. These can be used to log in using a web browser on the website below:


You can register for an active semester via Neptun in the Administration menu under Enrolment/Registration. To log in, click on the + sign in the row of the selected semester and select the log in option, then click on the button in the pop-up window to indicate whether you want to log in for an active or passive semester. If you choose the passive semester, your student status will be suspended. The deadline for registration for either active or passive is the end of the registration week.

For first-year students, students enrolled to the courses by the Central Academic Office (KTH), but later on, students will have to do this themselves.


You can log in to most of the university's websites using the BME eduID. An ID is automatically created for each student and can be found on the directory administration page after logging in with Neptun credentials.


On the right you can log in with your Neptun credentials, on the left with the directory. Once logged in, there is no difference in terms of the functions available.

Once logged in, you will be able to see your eduID number. The first time you log in, you will need to change your initial password, but you can change your password here afterwards.

From now on, if the next page appears when you open any university website, use the eduID number above and the password you set.

On the administration page you can also request O365 access, which can be used for several things later on, e.g. to access the university WiFi network, but also to access the Teams system. We kindly ask all students to register for O365.

O365 registration

With an O365 account you will be able to access the following:

  • MS Teams
  • @edu.bme.hu e-mail account
  • 1TB OneDrive storage
  • BME WiFi network (and all eduroam partner organizations all over the world)

In fact, O365 has been renamed M365 by Microsoft, but in most places, including the directory page, everyone still refers to it as O365.


You can set it up on the eduID's administration page, after logging in, select "Set username for edu.bme.hu Office 365". You can choose the username yourself.