Roads and railroads

  • Analytical road pavement design
  • Tramway track condition monitoring (see picture)
  • Noise emission by railway track
  • Railway track and bridge interaction


Futher information: Ákos Vinkó's presentation about vibration-based monitoring of tramway track.


Hydraulic and water resources engineering

From fine-scale hydrodynamics to large-scale hydrology

  • Lagrangian fluid dynamics
  • Lake hydrodynamics and water quality
  • River hydromorphology and ecohydraulics (see picture)
  • Catchment hydrology
  • Urban hydrology
  • Hydrogeology of porous and fractured rocks

Further information: modelling of mixing at river confluences (video)


Urban and industrial waters

  • Decentralized wastewater treatment
  • Water reuse and recovery
  • Sludge digestion (see picture)
  • Sludge disposal
  • Sediment transport in sewers
  • Wastewater treatment economics
  • Micropollutants
  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Microbial electrolysis cells (further information here)


Water & environment

  • National-scale sediment monitoring.
  • Pollution and nutrient transport in lakes and rivers
  • National-scale urban water quality survey
  • River basin management
  • Diffuse pollution of small catchments
  • Groundwater & ecosystems (see animation by clicking on the picture)