He became a geotechnical engineer because of a friend

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After introducing the career starting of the Dean, we are showing the first motivations of other lecturers teaching in the Faculty. 

These short stories can help high school students, who are standing before their first career steps, in considering Faculty of Civil Engineering worthy.

Either go with the stream or just listen to a friend, like Dr. András Mahler Associate Professor (Department of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics) did.

“When I was a high school student I had no clue how to start my career, but one of my friend helped me and suggested Civil Engineering Faculty. He told me the advantages: first, it is various, and I did not have to decide where to go exactly right at the beginning. Second positive point was that I could get into the university with graduation certificate and I did not have to pass any entrance exam, according to the entrance system then. By this time my friend, so convinced me, is also the PhD doctor of civil engineering, he is an environmental engineer, works for a big international organization (ICPDR) in Vienna. In the beginning as an undergraduate I did not like geotechnics at all, and I thought that its theoretic subjects are really boring. Later, when the practical part started I realized that it is pretty close to me. Anyway my serious interest brought the opportunities, first I started an SSC research, then it came up to stay here as a PhD student. To be honest, I have to tell you, that I knew if I did not choose this opportunity I had to go to do the compulsory military service, so avoiding it took part in my decision. But of course that is not the real reason, why I have been teaching and doing research here for many years. The reason is that the more I learn about geotechnics the more I find new interesting areas. In the last few years there were changes which made this field even more exciting. Today we can analyze different problems with software and that was impossible 10-20 years ago. In addition I really like teaching, because, among other things, I usually have positive feedbacks.”

We asked Dr. András Mahler to choose someone among his colleagues, who will tell his/her career starting story. András have chosen Dr. Miklós Patziger, so his story is coming soon.

The Dean’s career story can be read here.